Patterns for free!!!


I dont know how these patterns got passed me but they did. And they are free. So i am sharing the links to them so that no-one else misses out. They are beautiful!!

KNIT PATTERNS–easy-baby-pozo-sweaters—how-to-knit-a-shoe—princess-bonnet



Well i have new patterns and i better start getting wool together to make these.

Hope you are as happy as i am with this find.


Crochet ladies help plse!!!

I have just done a baby jacket and the cast on chain is as follows:
0-3 months chain 41
3-6 months chain 48

so for 6-9 months do i chain 48+7=55 ??as i see the difference is 7 chain on the above two sizes;
and for 9-12 months do i chain 55+7=62??

thank you for reading and helping me

Crochet Item N0. 12

Emmy’s Baby Cardigan

I really enjoyed making this cardigan. The pattern is well written and easy to follow.

I used 4 ply and a 3mm hook.

This is one pattern which i will make again. I got the pattern off the site.

Well i am off to look for another pattern.


Crochet Item No. 10

I started this last week and id thought i have enough wool and i wanted to 😥 cause when i got to the final stages ie 16 rows still to be done, i ran out of wool.

Saturday evening he took me down to the shop that i bought the wool at and there was only 1 ball left. Praise the Lord!!

Oh yes, the pattern is Crochet Toddler Cardigan and its made sideways.. and it can be found here :