RIP Daddy xxxxxx

CLAUDE IVAN FOXCROFT 04/10/1935 – 07/01/2020

My father passed away at 18h00 on Tuesday, 7th January 2020 from lung and liver cancer. He suffered and he suffers no more.

My mother is very very sad and She is a strong woman and hiding her emotions. My parents would of been married 64 years this year, 2020.

Only once we receive my dads ashes can the family arrange for a memorial service.

Days following my dads death, i have been sitting – thinking about what i would like to say about my dad. There is so much to say but having to cut and cut and cut out bits, i have finally got a brief epilogue of my dad as i experienced my life as the youngest child with him and my mom. My siblings will have different experiences but it does not mean that mine is not just as important and/or different to theirs.

I am the youngest of the 4 children and when I was born, my sisters and brother, were already at school.

The first words that I remember my dad said to me was Princess, your my princess, and that’s what he always called me right up until 4 days before he passed. I was ill and could not visit my dad at first due to bad flu and when I saw daddy, he said Princess im worried about you, why must you always get sick. I said its okay daddy but you must get better don’t worry about me and he said no, I worry about you princess.

As a child, always wanted a doggie , my parents thought that me being ill and so young, it would be a good thing to take my mind off things. One Saturday my dad said lets go for a drive. We dropped mommy off at the salon and we rode and rode and rode. I thought daddy and I was going on a holiday cause it took for ever. Out side Phillipi, in the Southern Suburbs, were farms and we drove into one farm and we got out. And I could hear dogs barking and I said to daddy where the doggies and he said come look and there were all the little puppies, Fox Terriers. I got so excited when my dad said to pick one doggie for me. I still remember this so clearly, One puppy came running to me and I said I want that one please. My dad said what you going to call him and I said he is a fox terrier, belongs to diane Foxcroft so I calling him Foxy. My dad just smiled and said good. We drove all way back to the salon to fetch mommy and we caused a stir in the shopping centre cause in I would walk with Foxy on a leash to my mom, with big smiles..

As the youngest, people always said “ek is die ou jong nooi in die familie wat altyd by haar ouers sal bly”. I stayed the longest at home and did a lot of things with both my parents that my siblings didn’t get do, so my experiences with my parents are different to that of the sisters and brother as they got married and moved away and I was at home.

We go on holidays and people would always come up to my mom and dad and me and say “wow its so nice to see a father dancing with his daughter and doing the games with her. Not all dads will dance with their daughters like he does” At games my parents would take turns with running races, throwing eggs, etc so that I don’t feel left out, sitting on the side line watching. Even at functions, my dad would dance with me smiling all the time.

My dad did not like to discipline us but instead he disciplined the pillow on the bed. Daddy did not like to to see others suffering and whenever something was done by one of us kids that he didn’t like he wouldnt confront us. He would call my moms name in a certain way then, I knew something was happening and my mom would come and talk and scold us.

After my brother went to army, I would go fishing with my dad sometimes in Donovans place. Daddy loved fishing and he and Uncle John would leave like before midnight and spends hours fishing and sometime come home with nothing.

We would sit and watch tv and when the Formula 1 is one, daddy mommy and I would each pick a driver for the year and oh boy, it was
like seeing the spectators at a boxing match, we were up and down and rooting for our guy to win. We got vocal too but it was all for fun.

My experience as a child with my with dad was different than my sisters and brother as he was my playmate sometimes when I was little and we had tea parties him and me. As I grew older, I could always talk about anything with my parents and if I wanted to go somewhere he would take and fetch me. But first its was where you going, who will be there, what will you be doing, will the parents be there, etc And of course, daddy will take me, walk in with me to check the scene out and to speak to the parents to make sure that they will be there and keeping watch. Others would be embarrassed but that was my daddy!

On my wedding day, while we were waiting to walk down the isle daddy looked at me and said princess your cant get married what about me and mommy. I said “you and mommy will be fine I not moving miles away” but all the way down the isle he held my hand so tight not wanting to let go with tears in his eyes. That was hard for me to let go of both my parents.

After being married, we went with my parents on holiday and as each year before that, my dad would remind me where his ashes must be scattered with mommies one day. Even long after when we talk about holidays that I had a young child, he would say, remember the place and I would say yes daddy I wont forget.

I miss my daddy very much but will remain strong for Mommy as its hard for her to be without him but I promised daddy that Mommy will be okay and that im always there.

There wont be anymore phone calls to say come cut my hair please.
Its so hard and sad as he always called me “Princess” and now I wont be called that again!

RIP my daddy and will miss you always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

7 thoughts on “RIP Daddy xxxxxx

  1. What lovely memories you have of your Dad. He made such a loving impact in your life, and you will never lose that. My condolences go to you and to your family in this time of sorrow. try to dwell on the good times.

  2. Diane, The story about your daddy was beautiful and well written and I can feel the pain in your heart of losing him. RIP daddy, my thoughts and prayers are with your Princess and your wife.

  3. That’s very nice.  I am sorry for your father’s passing.  It can take a long time, but eventually it will not be as painful.joyce

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