Baby Boy 5 Hour Sweater 2018/142 (5)

This is a well known pattern and i have made it 4 times already and i wanted to make one in Aran. I read the pages and pages on ravelry till i found what i was looking for. And then i made some modifications to that persons notes to suit me.

The pattern can be found here


  • add 2 sts (cast on 39 st) for slip stitches to make a neater edge
  • buttons bands are 5 sts so remember that when doing it.
  • buttonholes on rows 4, 14, 24
  • Row 26 : k6, KFB, (k3, KFB) x 2, k3 pm k2, KFB, (k3, KFB) x3, k4 pm, k2, KFB, (k4, KFB) x5, k4 pm k2, KFB, (k3, KFB) x3, k4 pm k3, KFB, (k3, KFB) x 2, k6
  • Divide stitches on row 32 as follows : front 23 sts sleeve 27 sts back 42 sts sleeve 27 sts front 23 sts Knit to first marker, and place the sleeve stitches on waste yarn, knit the back stitches, place sleeves stitches on waste yarn and then knit to the end. The sleeves are knitted at the end and in-the-round. I omitted casting on the 2sts under the arm as the sleeves stitches are big enough.
  • continue with stocking stitch, until body measures 4 “ from underarm
  • do 8 rows of garter and cast off.
  • pick up stitches for sleeve and arrange it on dpn’s. Knit 8 rounds and then do decrease of k2tog knit to last 2 sts, ssk. Do this again and on round 22 you start with the garter band which is one round purl and then one round knit. on round 29 you cast off in knit. Do the same for the other sleeve.

Pattern is easy and straightforward.


Dutch Heel Baby Hoodie 2018/134

I saw this hoodie on ravelry and i knew i just had to attempt it. Surprised that others have not made this. Link to pattern

As i went along, i had to make some modifications to the pattern.

yarn used : Red Heart Super Saver Solids
How much? 0.82 skeins = 298.5 yards (272.9 meters), 5.71 ounces
Colorway 0512 Turqua
Dye lot no dye lot
Needle : 4.5 mm

3 June 2018
Cast on and yoke nearly done. So far so good.

4 June 2018
Knitted body of hoodie and its too wide. Ripped back and did not cast on those 10 sts that the pattern stated. When done, mine measured from underarm 5 inches and then adding garter band end at 6 inches. Total amount of rows knitted is 51 rows with bottom band from rows 52-58 and then cast off with crochet hook. Perfect fit.

7 June 2018
Been doing a test knit so i had to put this done. Started on sleeves and only picked up 2 sts at the underarm. I have done 3 decreases on rnds 7,14,21 and start the cuff from rnds 37-42 and then cast off with crochet hook

Sleeves might be a bit too long though.

Thanks for looking.

More changes to patterns that i knitted.

Apologies all i see this post was in my drafts folder and i was not sent. So sorry.

Hope all are well! Tackled some more projects that is on my todo list and a few where done with some modifications by myself. Here they are…

Crawling Pullover 2018/13

The english translation does not help so i knitted it and filled in the gaps as i went. Came out rather nice.
Link pattern

Ben’s Baby Hat (upsize) 2018/52 (01)

I want a bigger hat in the pattern so i am consulting the Kensington Hat and i am
doing it in the round.

Cast on 72 sts and do 8 rounds starting purl round and then knit round to give me the garter band.

Rnd 1: p3, k3
Rnd 2 : knit

Repeat rnd 1 and 2 until 32 rounds have been worked in this pattern.

Crown shaping – following shaping of the Kensington hat.

Bens hat upsize 2018/63 (2)

Link to pattern
I want a bigger hat in the pattern so i am consulting the Kensington Hat and i am doing it in the round.

Cast on 72 sts and do 8 rounds starting purl round and then knit round to give me the garter band.

Rnd 1: p3, k3
Rnd 2 : knit

Repeat rnd 1 and 2 until 32 rounds have been worked in this pattern.

Crown shaping – following shaping of the Kensington hat.

Elsa Cardigan 2018/95

Link to pattern
the written pattern just gives you part of the pattern and the rest you have to fill in. I have omitted the flower on the breast and on the sleeves.

mistake in lace pattern.
R1, K7, K2Tog, yo, K1, YO, SSK. the 2nd yo is not printed

Wee Ashley 2018/129

Link to pattern
Casting on with original st count, however, i am adding in more rows to make it bigger.

Buttonholes on rows 4, 20, 36, 52

I have done a total of 9 increases rows and row 27 i made it a knit row and seperated stitches on row 28 according to my row counting sheet.

Dividing of stitches 23-35-43-35-23 = 159 sts

I also made the hem just in garter stitch for this one.

Sleeves i did 4 decreases.

Busy busy start to the year

Wow cant believe the last time i posted but i have been trying to make as much as i can for the little ones. I am trying to do less test knits this year so that i can tackle some patterns that is in my todo basket well since ages.

here are a few that i have done on which i made some changes.

Scrap Sweater for the small ones 2018/91 (07)
Link to pattern

i am knitting this with 2 strands of 4 ply to give me the 8 ply.
i added in the feather and fan for the body and sleeves as follows :
RNd 1 : purl
Rnd 2 : knit
Rnd 3: knit
Rnd 4 : (k2tog x2, (yo, k1) x 4, k2tog x 2)

Baby Vest 2018/102

A friend bought this pattern as she wanted me to knit up one for her soon to-be grandchild. pattern is by Easy Care Baby Knits, LLC

Firstly i have never heard of worsted weight 4 ply as in my mind that is 2 different types of wool.

Errors that i have found whilst knitting is as follows :

needles called for is US 7 and 9 (ie 4.5 mm and 5.5 mm) so in my mind the yarn must be worsted weight and not 4 ply.

Rows 2,4,6,8 knit to the last 6 sts, p2, k4 – you only do 1/2 repeat at the end before the k4 (designers assume knitters can read their minds and not all knitters can 😦

Row 5 for girls – as its on the RS your repeat stitches are k2,p2 as the first set of stitches must equal 6 on the RS

Row 5 for boys – repeat to last 3 sts, YO k2tog k1 – the k6,k3 before the button hole should not be there.

Page 5 of pattern Row 15 : kk4 must be k4

page 6 of pattern Row 30 – k2 should be k4

page 6 of pattern – Row 2 – p20 should be p30

I am told that the pattern has been corrected.

Short Notice 2018/126

link to pattern
I did not want to make all the buttons as to me its just too much, so i changed it into a pullover. Also i had to adjust the pattern considerably for the wool that i used which is Mission Falls 1824 wool. I just made it with the 100g. I used 4.5mm needle for whole pullover.

I will be casting on with 48 sts

Row 4 after k4 procced with knit 4, KFB, k9, KFB until last 5 sts, k5, k4.
Row 5 split is as follows : 4-6-18-6-14-4

Had to add in more rows which can be seen on the row counter sheet that i have added.

Baby sweater 2018/127

Link to pattern
Pattern is easy but it needs some fine tuning and i picked up some things that didnt seem right to me, and changed them.

No gauge is given
The ribbing in the patterns is not the same as that of the picture in the pattern. Pattern states k1,p1 rib but when you look at the pictures, its actually the zigzag rib.
Ribbing is 9 rows if i adding is correct.
Buttonholes row 6, 18, 30, 42 and i do not like how the buttonholes are shaping so i am doing k2tog, yo x2
YO before and after k3 – i am changing it to kfb and you place your markers before and after the k3 which identifies the front, sleeve, back, sleeve and front.
On row 38 with increases split is front 29 sts; sleeve 39 sts; back 50 sts; sleeve 39 sts; front 29 sts = 198 sts. Here according to pattern sleeves must be 40 sts?
Where pattern says cast of the middle of the 3 raglan sts i am assuming we have to do k1, k2tog in my knitting this is row 40
Placing the sleeves stitches on waste yarn in order to complete the body first and adding of the 4sts underarm is done in same row in my knitting this is row 42
Measurements given dont seem correct. I am therefore going to make sleeve measure 9 cm then ribbing from the under arm, and the length of the sweater measures 24 cm before ribbing
For the sleeve decrease, i did k1, k2tog, knit to last 3 sts, ssk, k1 – this is not specified in the pattern
If these fine-tuning is done, i will rate the pattern 5 star but due to these modifications that i had to make to make the pattern more clearer, i give it a 3 star

Jesse’s baby cardigan No. 6 2018/131(1)

Link to pattern
add an extra stitch to the 4 garter stitches and slip it at each end to make it look neater

At row 29 (rs) – do the dividing of the stitches put do it as follows after and before the buttonband…* purl*
Row 30 (ws) : knit
Row 31 (Rs) : p1, k4, knit k5
Row 32 (Ws) : p1, k4, (P5, K4) x2, PURL to last 23 sts then (k4, k5) x2, k5

Continue with rows 31 and 32 until you reach row 60 and then proceed with pattern to row 65 and then cast off.

Sleeves done in the round and and at :
rnd 27 purl
rnd 28 knit,
rnd 29 purl
rnd 30 knit
rnd 31 purl
rnd 32 knit and cast off at the same time

Well thats all for today and i am busy with another interesting pattern and will post that one when done.


Starting 2018 off at a speed

I hope all had a great festive season and enjoyed their time with families.

2018/01-02 Test knit : Madyn’s winter hat

2018/03 Test knit : Gigi cardigan

2018/04 Test Knit : Red River hat (love this one)

2018/05 Test Knit : Madyn’s winter cowl

2018/06 Test Knit : Oakwood Dress

Would love to hear what everyone is making.

Happy crafting as always…..