2016/142 Toddler Raglan Jumper (1)

http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/baby-raglan-jumper now onto making for of this….

2016-142 Baby Raglan jumper

Actual chest size : 50 cm
Measurement allowing for ease : 56 cm

Cast on 74 sts as per pattern and continue with increases until allocation sts have been reached.

Combined row 44 and 45 into one row as this makes more sense.

For the body – knit until it measures 7 1/4 inches(19 cm) from the underarm. Proceed with ribbing as stated for the cuff.

For long sleeves – knit until it measures 8 inches (20.5 cm) and then proceed with 10 rows of ribbing. For 3/4 sleeve i would assume 6 inches (+- 45 rows not sure on this)

Thank you to Granny Sue who knits for her grandchildren. For her grandson who is 2 yrs old, she makes his underarm to cuff 10 inches and her reason, rather to long as those little arms grow fast. Never thought of that. So glad for her measurement and it means i am on the right track with my measurements that i posted. Thanks Granny Sue xx

Sew on button at the back and make a chain to cover button.


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