2016/134 Test Knit – Infused Salt

Pattern has not been released yet by designer.
2016-134 Infused Salt Dishcloth
Pattern is easy and if anyone is struggling with the knitting of two yarns do yourself a favour and go and watch this easy way of working with 2 different colours. I love it! Oh and the link is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZ6bHdcTocQ

The colours is not shown clearly as the light is very bad here. I should of chosen a different cast on method and i think the moss does not show up the white so nice in a photo. Maybe i should get a darker colour then the effect would be more noticeable.

What yarn did you use? Elle Premier Natural Cotton Double Knit in White and Moss
What needle size did you use? 3.75 mm
Were you able to obtain gauge with these? —
How much yarn did you use? white 18.5 m and moss 35.5 m
What was your finished measurements? 7 x 7
Were there any rows (or parts of the pattern) you found confusing? Which ones and why? no
Is there anything else pertaining to the pattern you’d like to mention? love the effect


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