5 Hour Baby Sweater Variations – Knit

5 Hour Baby Sweater

Newborn (8-10 lbs)

Quickie “5-hour” Baby Sweater with Hood

Booties to Match Quickie “5-hour” Baby Sweater

Bonnet to Match Quickie “5-hour” Baby Sweater

Lorraine Major’s Version

Baby Boy 5 Hour Sweater (0-3 Months)

One Skein Hooded Baby Sweater (Vintage Version)
Errata = http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/one-skein-hooded-baby-sweater

Cheryl’s variation of the 5 Hour Baby Sweater and Bonnet with Matching Blanket

Bev’s Revision (Preemie/Newborn)

Modified for about a 6 Month Old.

Important Note:
There are two methods of increasing in this sweater.
It is important that you use the one specified on a given row to obtain the correct stitch count.

M1: This method increases by creating a new stitch in between two existing stitches.
This increase produces a decorative hole.
With tip of the right hand needle, pick up the running thread between the stitch just worked and the next one, bringing your needle from back (away from you) to front(towards you).
Place this loop on the left hand needle and knit it from the front, as you would normally knit a stitch.

If making a sweater for a boy and/or a less lacy appearance is wanted, use this method but knit into the back of the stitch, thus twisting it. This will not produce a hole.

Inc1 in next stitch:
This method increases by making two stitches from one existing stitch.
Knit into the front and back of the next stitch,
slipping both sts off the needle.


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