More items knitted

2016/72 Face cloth (2)
Simple baby cloth with the word BABY on it…
2016-72 Baby facecloth (2)

2016/73 DK Baby Jacket (4)
This was part of an adults jersey that i was given and i ripped it out and made this little jacket. The link is here…
2016-73 DK baby jacket (4)
2016/74 Seamless Yoked baby sweater (4)
Link to pattern :
2016-74 Seamless Yoked Sweater (4)
2016/75 Dexter Vest (1)
Link to pattern:—simple-sleeveless-sweater—vest
2016-75 Dexter vest (1)
2016/76 Summer leaves baby cardigan (2)
link to pattern :…
2016-76 Summer leaves baby cardigan
2016/77 All-in-one jacket (77)
By now everyone should know where to find this pattern…
2016-77 All in-one jacket (77)
2016/78 Mother Theresa Aids Vest (17)
2016-78 Aids vest (17)
2016/79+80 Knitted lacy hat for baby (5-6)
Here is the link:
2016-79 Knitted lacy hat for baby (5)
2016-80 knitted lacy hat for baby (6)
2016/81 Mother Theresa Aids Vest (18)

2016/82-84 All-in-one set (78)
2016-82-84 All in-one set (78)

2016/85-86 Dk baby jacket (5) and essential beanie(9)…
2016-85-86 dk baby jacket (5) and essential baby benaie (9)
2016/87 Modified Maile Cardigan (1)

I have been wanting to make this since i first saw it but the comments that it received on ravelry – put me off. However, i wanted a challenge as i was getting a bit bored by making the same thing over and over and over again. So I made some minor changes to the pattern as i wanted to do it in double knit.

Off to wash and block it.


4 thoughts on “More items knitted

    • Well Joanne, i hope to see some of your creations too. Dont be afraid of trying out a new pattern as its never to late to learn a new trick or two 🙂 Blessings, Diane

  1. I admire you so much – your love for knitting, your love for life, and your love for the Lord. I so look forward to seeing what you have been doing. I love that you try different patterns and that you work so hard to show God’s love to all of the little ones. Keep it up – you are an inspiration.

    • Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Yes this is what keeps me going when everything else is just not going the right way. Thank you for stopping and looking. Blessings, Diane

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