More 2016 knits so far….

2016/18-19 All-n one set (58)
2016-18-19 All-in one jacket and beanie (57)

2016/20 Babbity jacket (4)
My fourth one of this pattern
2016-20 Babbity jacket (4)

2016/21-22 All in one set (59)
Slowly getting closer to my target. Heres another one.

I also got this email from the hospital on Friday after they came to collect a full box :

“Dear Diane

Thank you for the donation of knitted items

I received a few minutes ago We really do appreciate you knitting for us

Our hospital is celebrating its centenary this year

Kind Regards

Mrs Carol Adams

Quality Assurance Manager
Mowbray Maternity Hospital
Chief Directorate: General, Specialist and Emergency Services
Dept of Health
Western Cape Government
12 Hornsey Rd
2016-21-22 All-in one jacekt and beanie (58)

2016/23 All-in one romper (2)
Pattern can be found here..
I used a ball of Nako Baby Bebe Color that i got as a gift. The other ball is a pink and i am going to make another romper with that. Wool comes from Turkey – love it!!!
2016-23 All-in one romper (2)

2016/24 All-in one romper (3)
Another one made for the Turkish wool that i got..
2016-24 All-in one romper (3)

2016/25-26 All-in one set (60)
2016-25-26 All-in one set (60)

2016/27-29 All-in one set (61)
This set consists of a jacket, hat and headband. link for the top :–9—12-m…
2016-27-29 All-in ond set

2016/31-31 All-in one set (62)–9—12-m…

Another one but different stitch for body
2016-30-31 All-in one set (62)

Happy knitting all!!


3 thoughts on “More 2016 knits so far….

  1. Diane,
    I follow you on Knitting Paradise and all your work is beautiful! What is your pattern for the plain beanie?

    • Cast on 96 sts and divide over dns. Do ribbing for 3.5 cm . Do stocking stitch for 8 cm and then start the crown.
      Round 1: *k6, tog*
      Round 2,4,6,8,10 : knit
      Round 3: *k5, k2tog*
      Round 5: *k4, k2tog*
      Round 7 : *k3, k2tog*
      Round 9 : *k2, k2tog*
      Round 11 : *k1, k2tog*
      Round 12 : *k2tog*

      Cut yarn and draw thru stitches.

      If you are doing it on straight needles, the round 2,4,6,8,10 you purl.

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