Wee Sweet Baby Sweater

Ladies stop the press!!! This little masterpiece has taken me literally 2 hours, yes 120 minutes, to make.


As i did not have any chunky/bulky wool, i used what Lion Brand suggested for yarn substitutions. I used 2 thread of double knitting wool and it came out exactly 11 sts/4 inches.

Here is the link to it: http://www.lionbrand.com/faq/16.html?language=

This was an experiment for me as i have not done a baby garment in chunky. It is an easy knit if you like knitting with BIG needles.

I have made some “make up” changes to the pattern as i did not like some of the instructions that was given – but thats just my preference..

.  My changes to the pattern are as follows :

  • The pattern states 1 button but you actually make 3 button holes according to the pattern.
  • Row 6: I would not do a buttonhole here so instead of doing “P2tog, YO, k1″ i would do k1, p1, k1
  • Row 10 and 14: I would not do “p2tog” but k2tog at the beginning of the row
  • Row 15:  I use the smaller needle to cast off and then the last stitch before the next marker, i transfer back to the right needle and knit it again as this closes the gap for me. Again my preference.
  • Row 16 – 17:  I repeated these 2 rows until i ad 27 rows done on my row counter.  I looked at the picture and counted 12 eyelets that was done before the hem so i did the same.

I have tried it on bigger needles as the designer said but to me its still same size.

So maybe big needle knitting is not my thing…

I would try this pattern again at a later stage

I am guessing you want the link to the pattern as well 🙂

NOTE : Pattern calls for 1 button on list of materials needs, but you actually make 3 button holes. So i used the first and last buttonholes, hence 2 buttons.

I am hoping the designer will consider upsizing it for me as babies here in South Africa are not small.( Designer just let me know that i can go up on size needles to make it bigger)

Off to make another one!!



One thought on “Wee Sweet Baby Sweater

  1. I was looking at your tips for the weekend sweet pattern. Would you clarify row 15, do you knit the last stitch before the marker twice to close the gap? Thanks Polly

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