>Free pattern: simple lace baby beanie

Susan in Stitches

>Since you all asked so nicely, here’s the pattern for that wee baby hat from a couple of weeks ago:

The original [pink] one was made in 4ply baby yarn [ fingering ] on 3mm needles, and to check the pattern I’ve just remade it in the variegated 8ply[ DK ] on 4mm needles. Either works. The finer yarn yields a large prem/ newborn size and the other yarn works out to about a 3 month size.

There is a minor difference between the two hats – mainly because I didn’t actually LOOK at the first one before starting the second – but trust me it’s not that important.

Okay, okay, if you look really closely, each band in the small hat has 3 sets of eyelets and the larger one has 4 sets. The row count is the same though because I did 2 rows of stocking / stockinette…

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