How too????

I am busy knitting a bonnet – sorry i dont know the name of the pattern i only have a photocopy of the bonnet. Attaching copy of the picture so maybe someone will know.


Anyway, i have gotten to the part that says work 5 rows in st st after row 23. Its the next two rows that i am stumped with. tried googling but not getting any help there so far. Could someone help me and note, i work well with pictures….



3 thoughts on “How too????

  1. Hi Diane,

    As I read this it sounds like to use another needle maybe smaller than what you are knitting with and pick up a loop of the stitch in 9 rows below the working row. It sounds like it will tuck the bonnet somehow. Then for row 27, it sounds like you knit from both needles across. This sounds like it will pull the two rows together to make the tuck they are talking about. I see the tuck at the rim of the bonnet

  2. Okay it cut me off before finishing,

    It looks like a little ridge at the rim before the main body of the bonnet.
    Hope this helps!!

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