2014/74 Pullover

As mentioned in my previous posting, i have embarked on trying to figure out a pattern. I saw a picture of the item and i could not find any details. Eventually, i found out who the designer was and went to look at her site. She gives a “run down” of the pattern without giving you the details if you know what i mean. I have posted questions to her on her site but have not had a reply from her. So, i copied the picture and blew it up on my screen and then i started to decipher it row by row. And in the same time making notes on it as i would like to make more. I think so far, i am right on the mark and i am patting myself on my back. I am now in the final stages as i am busy with the body and then all i have to do is sew on the buttons. I also worked out that this pattern is for a 12-24 month child.

picture on the designers site 21879_479425300248_559545248_11029230_6224046_n

And my interpretation of what she has done

All finished. I hope i did it justice but i now know that i can knit a body of a pattern in the round and that i can by looking at a picture – work out the pattern…


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