2014/71+72 All-in-one Top (21)

Did i say that i love this pattern!!

I have so many small balls of left over yarn that this pattern is ideal for. I just love the pattern. This pattern inspires one creative side and have so many different stitches that i still want to try out. Will be starting on the 3mnth version soon. Oh, and i just love the pattern… šŸ˜›

Newborn (20)

Newborn (21)


2 thoughts on “2014/71+72 All-in-one Top (21)

  1. Diane these are beautiful. Where on earth do get the time with a young family. Do they all go to a hospital. 26 years ago I had my fourth child at over thirteen weeks early. She was .888 grams or 1lb 15oz. I struggled at the time to get preemie baby clothes. I could have done with you around for me. I did some dolls clothes for her but due to being so ill it was hard to knit. Philippa has been married for six years now and doing well. She is still tiny. It is strange when you see her next to her older two sisters as they tower above her as does her brother. You are inspiring me to do some of these beautiful tops. Loads of love Pauline xxxx

  2. Thanks Pauline. Well my son is 14 yrs old šŸ™‚ I am a stay at home mom so i have finely tuned my time šŸ™‚ I am a bad bad sleeper so i sit and knit. During the day, i start early with my housework, and then i knit and watch a video or something. This is an easy pattern and you can play around with it.xx

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