2014/69 Quick Baby Sweater

I finished this little darling around 2h30 am and i was about to sew on the button when i discovered that i did not make the button hole – now what???

This is an adaption of Lorraine Major’s version.



One thought on “2014/69 Quick Baby Sweater

  1. Some suggestions that i have been given :

    No-cut buttonholes:
    Using a sewing needle, pick up the horizontal strand of
    the stitch where you want to place the buttonhole, pull
    it up and attach it 2 rows higher with a few little stitches
    on the wrong side of the work. Repeat with the horizontal
    strand below the first strand, and attach it in the same way
    2 rows down.
    Make a crochet chain ,for both sides and tie it at the top.
    Attach the chain at the top, then,make another for the other side,
    make a knot at the bottom of each chain.
    Attach a crocheted loop for the button.
    put the buttons on the outside and a small circle of Velcro on the inside

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