Crochet Item No. 2

17 October 2013

I started a second baby cardigan late yesterday, and i picked it up again this afternoon after bible study. Everything is crochet seperately and then you sew it all together. This is a bit scary for me. I am just starting the second sleeve and then the sewing starts. I am assuming i will sew it together like any knitted item. Any tips from the experts would be appreciated.

And i am not working off a video but off a written pattern and luckily is only single crochet

And yes, its blue as i got stacks of baby blue which i want to use up. Started the baby boy wrap blanket but frogged it…It was using up a lot of wool.

I will post pictures hopefully later tonight or tomorrow morning

This is far too stressful right side and right sleeve sewn in….i made a little cuff at the end of the sleeve – just for fun
Its done!!!

Did not like the button suggestion that the pattern had, so i did my own. Each button was sewn on with a different embroidery thread to give it a bit of colour. And i made a 5 chain loop over each button.

Not to bad for my second attempt…. Now i need a strong cup of tea… Surprised myself!!




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