cora’s sweater: a teeny, tiny, top down tutorial

This is just tooo gorgeous and not to mention the little model. Cant wait to get started on this one…


update 1/2/15:  hello friends, i apologize for the inconvenience, but i developed some storage issues on my current server just before christmas, and my gallery archives have been disrupted as a result.  i am working as quickly as i can to permanently correct this issue, but the process has been slowed with the holidays.  i thank you for your continued patience and promise to have the tutorials back in tip top shape as soon as i possibly can.

**pattern now includes 6-9 and 9-12 month sizes…with the disclaimer that i am currently unable to test the new sizes myself.  i calculated the larger sizes based on standard measurements.  let me know how it goes!**

after so much sewing, it seemed the right time to do some knitting.  i love vacillating back and forth between the two activities, and have been enjoying some knitting relaxation time the past week, so i thought i…

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