How to make a hexagon bag – part 4

By now, you should be able to make the quilters knot.  And ready for finalizing the hexagons…


Take your thread and past it through the top layer of material as shown in picture.


Hide the knot underneath the material.


Then make a stitch through all layers,


Bring needle through in a new place and then back through the first stitch – this you will always do on seams…


Continue making these tacking stitch all around and remember to do doubles at the seams.


This is what it will look like finished.  I done one in green and one in pink.


Until next time, when we will start putting the hexagons together to make our bag.  You can also use pictures for the centre but then it gets a bit tricky as you have to then decide how you want the finished product to look like.

Have a good sewing day and now we more than half way….




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