Not myself…..

What a day!  Or should i say, 48 hours. Cant remember when last i felt so ill.  Vomitting, cramps, blocked winds, etc and yes gastro..  Goodness me.  Its so bad that i spent the day just lying down.  Could not even bring myself to knit.  Now that is bad for me.  But the vomitting top and bottom has stopped but for the rest.  My son says mommy you look 6 mnths pregnant lol

Anyway, i hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday!




2 thoughts on “Not myself…..

  1. Dear Dianne,

    So sorry to hear you have not been well. You have had a really bad stomach bug or food poisoning. You do not know which end to deal with first. In fact when it so bad you have to deal with both but perhaps I should not go there. Plenty of fluids and keep of the food for few hours. Plenty of rest. Hope you have a good hubby to look after you. I have been in bed several days too but with a chest infection. Having a chest x-ray tomorrow. I am sure these tablets are finally helping.

    We have so much sickness in our area at the moment. I think it has a lot to do with the poor weather too. It has been so cold for use despite it is spring and it should be so much warmer.

    I have not felt like knitting either. I am knitting a jacket for my hubby so is constantly nagging me. He is fe up with seeing me knit for my grandson and friends expectant baby. I think he is big baby really.

    Anyway get better soon and take note plenty of rest.

    Love and best wishes

    Sent from my iPad

    • Thank you Pauline. Yes he was up the whole night with me last night and then still had to go to work. He does not like it when i am ill. My son wanted to stay home from school to look after me but i said thank you but you must go to school. Drinking lots of fluids and just managed to drink 1.2 cup of chicken soup.

      I hope your xray tomorrow will be a good one. I know that feeling too as i was for 2 months in hospital with pneumonia and i had no voice. I think its the Lord telling me to take it easy for a change and look after myself.

      As they say, keep the chin up 🙂


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