1st pillow gallery…..

Today was our show off day and below is a picture of the pillows that we made.

Three pillows from left to right...Jossy Linde, Dianne de Freitas and yours trully..

Three pillows from left to right…Jossy Linde, Dianne de Freitas and yours trully..


Now for a close up of each one….

made by Dianne de Freitas - stunning....

made by Dianne de Freitas – stunning….

made by our teacher/lectuer, Jossy Linde.....perfection....

made by our teacher/lecturer, Jossy Linde…..perfection….



and of course, my pillow.....

and of course, my pillow…..

Wow we are amazed at what we have achieved!!!   Now for the 2nd pillow……


4 thoughts on “1st pillow gallery…..

    • Yes we have a friend from our bible study group, who is showing us how to do hand quilting. Gosh never expected to learn this before but i am so glad that i did. So, if i can do it, then anyone can……

      • A young friend in our congregation has started up a craft group which I found very enjoyable. I like to knit and sew but have not done much in the way of crocheting so that is maybe something that I could take up. It is so lovely to see all their projects and it is surprisingly motivating. Over the last few weeks I have already knitted a few things. My husband is feeling a little jealous so he has asked me to do him a jacket. I am doing it in my most unfavourite colour, black, well it is black tweedy, but still very dark. The dark colours do seem to be so hard to do particularly at night. Problem with getting older, Ha! I made a doll cradle bag which I was quite pleased with. I did do the BSJ but was not too happy with it. Will do another one and bin that one. It is not too bad once you get started and see where it is going. I have never seen a patter so protected as that one. I suppose everyone has to try it once though. Be happy and enjoy your crafting.

      • I too started the BSJ and have frogged it numerous of times. I then did the Tomten Jacket – easy peasy. I love my knitting and sewing and am not an expert in crocheting but can do the basics. That is the next thing that i want to tick off on my bucket list. I find it so relaxing and it beats sitting in front of the tea and putting food in the mouth so i rather knit lol…Happy crafting to you too!!!

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