Some good advice here…..


Cast on 20 stitches — DON’T PULL IT TIGHT – you  might want to use one size larger needles than the  size you plan on using for two rows of the cast on edge. then go to the size needles you plan on using –
knit a square in stocking stitch (if you plan on  using a stocking stitch for the majority of your  project- try to knit the same tension you always knit.

Cast off once you have a square – mark down in your notebook under ‘swatch’  how many stitches you cast on – with what size needles and then what size needles you  do the whole swatch with.

Once you have a square — you will then carefully count the number of stitches over 4 inches — ( I use a little tool for measuring my swatch – see attached picture. It is very handy – you lay the measuring tool on the knitted swatch IN THE  CENTER OF THE SWATCH  – NOT AT THE EDGE making sure that you have
one side of the opening on the edge of a stitch – The opening is 2″ long and 2″ tall — carefully count how many stitches there are in the two inch window horizontally – and mark it down  in your notebook. cut that number in half and you will have the STITCHES PER INCH.

The vertical opening is done the same way, only you will count the number of ROWS in the two  inch vertical window — and mark it down – then  you will divide that number in half and you will  write down the number of ROWS PER INCH-

NOTE – it is best to get a counter like the one I have shown you – but you Can., if you are careful -using a flat ruler and measure two inches in the ‘center’ of the swatch- and  count the number of stitches, figure out your stitches and rows per inch. I would suggest you try to  find the counter as I use mine all the time.

Note:  you might want to buy an extra ball if you plan on doing cables or a pattern that increases stitches
– You should do a swatch of a sample of your  addition eg. cables – and incorporate the extra
stitches in your pattern.


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