I have lost the plot!!!

So, i got given some cones of different colours. I counted and i had 5 red cones with different colours of red. I took one strand of each of the 5 cones, and rolled them up together in a ball. So far i have made 12 balls. So now what!!! Shoot me please!!! As you can see its very very very thin yarn….

So i decided to, shoot me now….. take 4 balls and knit with them together, that makes 20 threads at a time… oh dear….and i started on a cocoon…. what an episode to keep the wool from tangling up…. why do i do this to myself!!!
ladies and gentlemen, i give you…. my crazy moment cocoon and i sewed on two big beads at the bottom of the drawstring. First time that i have done a drawstring cocoon….


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