Knitting – Tomten Jacket

Well after struggling for months and months to get this pattern, i finally got it.  I swear patterns have got more body guards” around them then men in state. Goodness me!!!

Anyway, i started last night, and i got this far. Loving this easy pattern.

Creativity should be shared and not kept for those who can only afford it.  If a pattern has appeared in a magazine already, then it should be available freely. One can contact the magazine and they gladly give you the article for free that appeared in their magazine. The copyright is to make sure that no one else can claim to have designed that pattern. This is my opinion on the matter.

Looking forward to the rest of this pattern!! 

Back and fronts done in one piece…..
Lets start with the sleeve…
Will update as i go along.
PS:  Have done many other items but i still have to sew them up…  Feeling lazy at the moment. haha
Happy knitting!!

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