Wow now i know where the name comes from….. Thanks Karen….

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The Conundrum

(Reposted from last July!)

In San Francisco on U.S. Independence Day (July 4) waiting to see the fireworks off Aquatic Park, Thor and I heard a group of children singing:

Yankee Doodle went to town,
Riding on a pony;
He stuck a feather in his hat,
And called it macaroni.

Though raised in different regions, both of us instantly remembered loudly singing this ubiquitous American (so we assumed) song as children as we went on car rides, Independence Day events, hiking etc.

As a child I wondered how Yankee Doodle got his name and why he would call his hat macaroni. I couldn’t figure it out and wondered if it was more than a silly song for children. Of course it was/is!

Let’s see … where to start … the 18th century U.K. and the New World (now U.S.), before the American Civil War …


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