Bacon kips chicken By Gail Daniell

Chicken Braai pack
2 eggs
1box bacon kips

2 cups mayonnaise
1onion chopped
2 chicken stock
2 cups hot water

1) Beat the eggs and place the chicken in the raw egg.
2) Crush the bacon kips with rolling pin and roll the chicken in the crumbs. (don’t crush it to a powder)
3) Bake it at 180 for + -1 hour. Do not cover the casserole dish remember to turn the chicken
4) Once the chicken is done then you mix the sauce and pour it over,
5) Mix the chicken stock and hot water and then the mayonnaise and onion all together. Pour over chicken and let it go for about one hour.
6) Do not cover.
7) Enjoy with rice, veg or Salad.


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