Baby Jacket……

I have so many projects going on at the moment, but sad to say, i have gotten board with them.  Ai jnne.  So they have been put aside for one day.

I came across a very old hand written pattern that a lady has shared with me.  Busy trying it out but as its old, deciphering of the handwriting has been difficult for her.  So along the way, i am picking up rows missing etc and correcting them.  Love this…

26 August 2012

So here we go.  Got given some cones of wool which i am going to mix.  Wish i knew how much wool is on the cone so that i can keep record of how much meters i am knitting.  Another frustration!!!

My colours are :

As you can see, the blue wool is very very thin hence the addition of the white 2ply wool.

The pattern :

The jacket is worked from one side to the other, in one piece.  Should be interesting.  So lets start!!

First up the pattern says cast on 60 sts but this is for a small jacket.  I have opted for 70 sts and knitted the right front.   Must add that with this pattern, you need to write down the rows as you will get lost.  So in comes my row counter page….

So far so good…

Now the sleeve.  And here is where i picked up first omition on the pattern.

28 August 2012…… update

Put stitches on holder and cast  on 37 sts for sleeve.   I added in another set of stripes to make the sleeve bigger.  Total of stripe patterns for sleeve = 6

And the first sleeve finished!!


Looking good!!

03 September 2012

Now for the back of the jacket..  For some reason my pointing fingers on both hands are very sensitive and painful.  And its taking me longer than usual to finish.  So i picked up the work and tried to continue.  OUCH OUCH OUCH……

04 September 2012

The back is done and fingers are still sore…..

Next is the other sleeve and then the front….. Heres’ hoping finger tips get better… OUCH OUCH OUCH

05 September 2012

oh i just realised i knitted the sleeve wrong way round…..     rip rip rip     Redone the sleeve and i am now on the last front panel….. Love it!!!

07 September 2012

Its finished!!!  

And here is a close up of the pattern….

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