Here is a nice pattern for a beanie. Lovely photo’s as well… Happy knitting!!!

Fringe Association

tosh dk geranium pink beanie knitting pattern

You probably need only look at these photos to see why I don’t really wear hats — it’s not the best look for me. But I had this beautiful skein of Tosh DK in a color called Geranium, and for some reason I wanted it to be a hat. For me.

I always thought if I were to ever knit a hat for myself it would be something like Eyen or Hineri, or at least the Dimple. But having settled on pink — and given the ease with which that could get too cute for me — I decided to keep it classic. Just ribbing and stockinette, sized for options: the full-on hipster beanie; slightly rolled for a more subtle slouch; or tidily turned up and snugged down. As it turns out, it looks best on my favorite neighbor:

If anyone wants the specifics, here’s a pattern…

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