Crossed Stitch

I must say, why have i been scared to do these stitches – i dont know. They are easy!! I have so many articles that i want to now make with all these new stitches that i learnt today. WOW !!!

For Crossed Stitch, work with an even number of stitches, plus 1 more on each side for the selvage. This is a two row repeat that is easy to remember. Depending on what you are making, the number of edge stitches can be adjusted to fit your project. And they are not complicated at all!!!!

Row 1: Knit 1 (selvage) *Slip 1 with yarn in back, Knit 1, Yarn Over, Pass the Slipped Stitch over both the Knit Stitch and the Yarn Over* Repeat to last stich, Knit 1 (selvage)

Row 2: Purl all stitches
Repeat these two rows for pattern   

My swatch

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