What is on the needles….

Well for the past two weeks i have been dabbling here and there. Restless. Drained. Tired. And voiceless yet again. Guess i have the flu bad this time so nothing keeps my attention for long. The flu is also playing havoc with the arthritis in my body eisch. But lets stop complaining….

So lets see what i am doing…..

1) Busy with a cute little blue cardigan – back done and left front done so far.
2) Looking at some vintage patterns and seeing if i cant make another cocoon as my cocoons are  in demand and i dont like doing the same thing twice.
3) Trying to teach myself how to use a knitting machine. Have made some hats and now my son wants a school jersey but alas, i dont seem to be able to knit with darker colour – the eyes you
4) Also just done about 20 rows of a nice little mauve cardigan…..

Well i hope i start feeling better soon so that i can get back to my knitting.  And back to looking for zips….

To all the women out there HAPPY WOMAN’S DAY TOMORROW.

God bless…..



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