Knitting Sites

I have been asked on numerous occasions where people can find  free knitting patterns.  Cause as you know, and boy do i know, when you google free knitting patterns – every site comes out but there is a catch.  They are not free you have to pay for the patterns.

So, below are some of the sites that you dont have to pay for the knitting patterns.  As i find more links, i will be adding them.  If you know of any, please leave a comment below.

Blessings and enjoy your day!!
converting patterns from knit to crochet and vice versa
General Sites” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>

Split toe socks from Jessica-Jean includes versions for either normal toe or tabi


Machine Knitting…



3 thoughts on “Knitting Sites

  1. Hi Diane! You asked which patterns I was using for several of the afghan squares I posted. It’s not free, but they are all from the book “Learn-to-Knit Afghan” by Barbara Walker. She takes the knitter through 63 different squares using various techniques to help someone learn knitting (or improve existing skills). Then at the end you seam them all up in a blanket 🙂

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