Baked Fish

A great meal that is perfect for a family and once again, quick to make!

◦750g frozen fish fillets
◦1 Onion
◦1 Packet Mushroom Soup
◦120ml Milk
◦120ml White Wine
◦Grated Cheese
◦Salt and Pepper

◦Preheat oven to 380˚.
◦Placed thawed fish in buttered casserole dish.
◦Season with salt and pepper.
◦Cover fish with thinly sliced onion.
◦Mix together milk, white wine, packet of mushroom soup.
◦Pour mixture above over fish, cover and bake for 1 hour.
◦Remove from oven, sprinkle over cheese and grill until brown.

Serve with vegetables (steamed or roasted), potatoes, rice or whatever you fancy!



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