Trying my hand at designing….

Thank you for all the prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery.  Lungs are feeling much better.  But still no voice as yet.

Its windy and chilly here in Cape Town and one can feel the “ice” in the air.  Just done the weekly bedding washing, so i am hoping the wind will blow it dry.

I always wanted to design a pattern but everytime i see someone else has done it.    Well today, i dont care – i will persever and design it.  As i am busy knitting for children and premature babies, the designs are not all that plenty.

I bought 2 balls of nice soft mauve wool.   So lets start and see how my cardigan transpires.  Hope you will be with me every step of the way and if it fails, well at least i tried.   So, here goes..

Copyright :  Yes please but how to do that – will have to find out.

Price : If people want the pattern, then i can charge say R10.00 and the money will go towards buying another ball of wool to knit with for the children – need help with this one!!

NAME :  Diane’s Baby Cardigan (lets hope it has not been used yet)

Wool:  100 g Double Knitting

Needles :  Size 7 US

Back :

Cast on ****** sts

Work **** rows K2P2 rib.

(mark off on chart so that you dont get lost)

Work ***** rows in the pattern as follows :

  starting to look good. Wrong side…

Work pattern for 48 rows.

Cast off..


2 thoughts on “Trying my hand at designing….

  1. A very interesting beginning. One suggestion, I would have Ktbl on the ribbing to add variety and differentiate between the rib and the actual sweater pattern. This way you have a twisted knit stitch in the ribbing.

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