My sons french toast…..

if you are a Mom then you will know what i am talking about.  Whenever you hear someone else asking if they can make supper its always YES.

So, last night, my son asked whether he could make supper and of course mommy was very happy.  Jesse has got the making of french toast done to perfection and so he made french toast for supper.  Dad, i thin,k was expecting more, but hey, its not everyday that help gets offered.

Jesse’s french toast is better than mine.  Even the dogs could not stop from licking their lips at the smell alone.  Below is two photos of our daughter.  She could not contain herself any longer….  Well see for yourself…

 Please share a piece with me…cant you see i am drooling…….

Yes yes he is cutting the toast, will i get…..

And no she did not get as there are another 2 children standing on either side of her also wanting.  Sorry babies, this is human food….


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