Knitting Patterns

Well today is just another frustrating day – why you ask?  Well i am looking for knitting patterns for babies and children.  I see so many on the net but they are are not for free.  So, if you have any patterns, how about sharing them with me please.

It started to rain and so yippy, winter is here!!  Took out all the summer clothes and packed them away.  I must say, i love winter!!!  And of course, my pain is much less in winter unlike summer. 

We delivered 3 boxes of knitted items already of which samples i have posted here on my blog for all to see.

My friend, Sabrine, is helping me with the knitting as she is unemployed at the moment and it helps to pass the time.  We had a lady come and look at our things and she liked them all.  She asked us if we wont knit for her as she is starting a business and we said YES..  She gives us the wool and then we must tell her how much for each item to knit.  Things are working out.  She is busy putting a portfolio together, and then we hope to get orders.  YAY!!

Thats all for now, as my son is home and its lunch time and homework time…  The joys of being a stay-at-home mother….



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