Reading Books

Have you ever kept a list of books that you have read in a year. Well, i started and forgot along the way to keep it updated.   There are many more but i will have to go to our Church library and write down the names….

So here is some of the books that i have read in 2011.

  1. The Oak Leaves by Maureen Lang   (Christian Fiction)
  2. Back on Murder by J. Mark Bertrand (Christian Fiction)
  3. Wisdom Hunter by Randall Arthur (Christian Fiction)
  4. Learning by Karen Kingsbury (Christian Fiction)
  5. Abbie Ann by Sharlene MaClaren (Christian Fiction)
  6. The Note by Angela Hunt (Christian Fiction)
  7. Unlocked by Karen Kingsbury (Christian Fiction)
  8. Crossing Oceans by Gina Holmes (Christian Fiction)
  9. While we’re far apart by Lynn Austin (Christian Fiction)
  10. Leaving by Karen Kingsbury (Christian Fiction)
  11. The real enemy by Kathy Herman (Christian Fiction)
  12. Jake’s Choice by Jim & Rachel Britts (Christian Fiction)
  13. Word of Honor by Terri Blackstock (Christian Fiction)
  14. Painted Desert by Nancy J Farrier (Christian Fiction)
  15. Hoosier Crossroads by Jennifer Johnson  (Christian Fiction)
  16. Sierra Weddings by Jeri Odell  (Christian Fiction)
  17. Thicker than Blood by CJ Darlington  (Christian Fiction)
  18. Deception by Randy Alcorn  (Christian Fiction)
  19. Cascades by Mary Davis  (Christian Fiction)
  20. Dark in the city of light by Paul Robertson  (Christian Fiction)
  21. Advent of Mystery by Marilyn Leach  (Christian Fiction)
  22. The Remnant by Tim La Haye  (Christian Fiction)
  23. Sarah’s song by Karen Kingsbury  (Christian Fiction)
  24. The case of the secret assassin by Kel Richards  (Christian Fiction)
  25. The second death by Kel Richards  (Christian Fiction)
  26. The stones cry out by Sivella Giorello  (Christian Fiction)
  27. Skipping into sunlight by Sharon Hinck  (Christian Fiction)
  28. Take One by Karen Kingsbury  (Christian Fiction)
  29. Take Two by Karen Kingsbury  (Christian Fiction)
  30. Take Three by Karen Kingsbury  (Christian Fiction)
  31. Proof by Bill Bright  (Christian Fiction)
  32. Prevailing Love by Bill Bright  (Christian Fiction)
  33. His watchful eye by Jack Cavanaugh  (Christian Fiction)
  34. True Light by Terri Blackstock  (Christian Fiction)
  35. Dawn Light by Terri Blackstock  (Christian Fiction)
  36. Last Night by Terri Blackstock  (Christian Fiction)
  37. Night Light by Terri Blackstock  (Christian Fiction)
  38. The silent gift by Michael Landon Jr  (Christian Fiction)
  39. Surrender Bay by Denise Hunter  (Christian Fiction)
  40. Waiting for daybreak by Kathryn Cushman  (Christian Fiction)
  41. Beloved Castaway by Kathleen Y’Barbo  (Christian Fiction)
  42. Maine Brides by Susan Page Davis  (Christian Fiction)
  43. Return to me by Robin Lee Hatcher  (Christian Fiction)
  44. Fields of grace by Kim Vogel Sawyer  (Christian Fiction)
  45. Rescued by John Bevere  (Christian Fiction)
  46. Cadence by BJ Hoff  (Christian Fiction)
  47. Chloe by Lyn Cote  (Christian Fiction)
  48. Lying on Sunday by Sharon K Souza  (Christian Fiction)
  49. One more Sunrise by Michael  Landon Jr  (Christian Fiction)
  50. Wisconsin Weddings by Andrea Boeshar  (Christian Fiction)
  51. A bride so fair by Carol Cox  (Christian Fiction)
  52. Halos by Kirsten Heintzmann  (Christian Fiction)
  53. When the heart cries by Cindy Woodsmall  (Christian Fiction)
  54. The sovereign’s daughter by Susan K Downs  (Christian Fiction)
  55. In the company of secrets by Judith Miller  (Christian Fiction)
  56. Inside story by Susan Page Davis  (Christian Fiction)
  57. Hannah Grace by Sharlene Maclaren  (Christian Fiction)
  58. The awakening by Angela Hunt  (Christian Fiction)
  59. A sister’s test by Wanda Brundstetter  (Christian Fiction)
  60. The novelist by Angela Hunt  (Christian Fiction)
  61. The proposal by Lori Wick  (Christian Fiction)
  62. Woman of Grace by Kathleen Morgan  (Christian Fiction)
  63. Califonia Capers by Dana Mentink  (Christian Fiction)
  64. Beneath a Southern Sky by Deborah Raney  (Christian Fiction)
  65. On every side by Karen Kingsbury  (Christian Fiction)
  66. Nosy in Nebraska by Mary Connealy  (Christian Fiction)
  67. My sister Dilly by Maureen Lang  (Christian Fiction)
  68. Love’s pursuit by Siri Mitchell  (Christian Fiction)
  69. Dangerous Sanctuay by Lois Richer  (Christian Fiction)
  70. Vermont Weddings by Pamela Griffin  (Christian Fiction)
  71. Schoolhouse Brides by various authors  (Christian Fiction)
  72. Storm by Reg Grant  (Christian Fiction)
  73. Watch over me by Christa Parrish
  74. Ransomed Dreams by Sally John
  75. Texas Angel by Judith Pella  (Christian Fiction)
  76. This side of heaven by Karen Kingsbury  (Christian Fiction)
  77. John’s quest by Cecelia Dowdy (Christian Fiction)
  78. The captain’s wife by Mary Davis (Christian Fiction)
  79. Tender Vow by Sharlene  (Christian Fiction)
  80. The Note II by Angela Hunt (Christian Fiction)
  81. A rose at the door by Deborah Bedford (Christian Fiction)
  82. Healing waters by Nancy Rue (Christian Fiction)
  83. yadayada prayer group gets decked out by Neta Jackson (Christian Fiction)
  84. Kelly’s choice by Wanda E Brunstetter (Christian Fiction)
  85. Beyong the picket fence by Lori Wick (Christian Fiction)
  86. The road home by Tommy Tenney (Christian Fiction)
  87. Not by chance by Kathy Herman (Christian Fiction)
  88. Eye of the beholder by Kathy Herman (Christian Fiction)
  89. Fire dance by Colleen Coble (Christian Fiction)
  90. Coming Home by Terry Fowler  (Christian Fiction)
  91. Life Everlasting by Robert Whitlow (Christian Fiction)
  92. The Plague Maker by Tim Downs (Christian Fiction)
  93. A tapestry of Midnight sea by Colleen Coble (Christian Fiction)
  94. The will of Wisteria by Denise Hildreth (Christian Fiction)
  95. A love woven true by Tracie Petersen (Christian Fiction)
  96. The 12th Imam by Joel Rosenberg (Christian Fiction)
  97. Everybody’s suspect in Georgia by Cevil Murphey (Christian Fiction)
  98. The Canopy by Angela Hunt (Christian Fiction)
  99. Saint by Ted Dekker (Christian Fiction)
  100. Yesterday’s embers by Deborah Raney (Christian Fiction)
  101. Shades of blue by Karen Kingsbury (Christian Fiction)
  102. A time to embrace by Karen Kingsbury (Christian Fiction)
  103. A gatherin gof memories by Lori Wick (Christian Fiction)
  104. Just above a whisper by Lori Wick (Christian Fiction)
  105. Levi’s Will by W Dale Craemer (Christian Fiction)
  106. Enduring Love by Bonnie Leon (Christian Fiction)
  107. Firstborn Series by Karen Kingsbury (4 books)
  108. Under the big sky by Kelly Eileen Hake (Christian Fiction)
  109. Reconstructing Natalie by Laura Jensen Walker (Christian Fiction)
  110. Any minute by Joyce Meyer
  111. Love Finds You in Paradies by Loree Lough (Amish, Christian Fiction)
  112. A Bride for Donnigan by Janette Oke (Christian Fiction)
  113. Love Finds You in Paradies by Loree Lough (Amish, Christian Fiction)
  114. A Bride for Donnigan by Janette Oke (Christian Fiction)
  115. The Pearl by Angela Hunt
  116. Love Finds You in Paradies by Loree Lough (Amish, Christian Fiction)
  117. A Bride for Donnigan by Janette Oke (Christian Fiction)
  118. Claire knows best by Tracey Bateman
  119. Love Finds You in Paradies by Loree Lough (Amish, Christian Fiction)
  120. A Bride for Donnigan by Janette Oke (Christian Fiction)

I will definately keep a lift for 2012 – wont have as much time to read  but none the less i will keep my list.  Any new books that i should read – let me know….

Happy reading!!!





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