Names of God……

  1. “Wonderful”
  2. “Counsellor”
  3. “Mighty God”
  4. “Everlasting Father”
  5. “Prince of Peace”
  6. “Man of Sor­rows”
  7. “Plant of Renown”
  8. “The Lily of the Valley”
  9. “The Rose of Sharon”
  10. “A Righteous Branch”
  11. “The Sun of Righteousness”
  12. “The Bright and Morning Star”
  13. “The King of Israel”
  14. “The King of the Jews”
  15. “Messiah”
  16. “The Lion of the Tribe of Juda”
  17. “The Root and Offspring of David”
  18. “King of Kings and Lord of Lords”
  19. “Captain of our Salvation”
  20. “Apostle and High Priest of our Profession”
  21. “The Lord of Glory”
  22. “The Prince of Life”
  23. “The Just One”
  24. “The Holy One of God”
  25. “The Lamb of God”
  26. “The Light of the World”
  27. “The Good Shepherd”
  28. “The True Vine”
  29. “A Prince and a Saviour”
  30. “Son of Man”
  31. “The King of Glory”
  32. “The Christ the Son of the Living God”
  33. “The Bread of Life”
  34. “The Lord’s Christ”
  35. “A Great Prophet”
  36. “The Christ of God”
  37. “Immanuel”
  38. “One Altogether Lovely”
  39. “Chiefest Among Ten Thousand”
  40. “The Lord Our Righteousness”
  41. “The Lord Whom Ye Seek”
  42. “Jesus Who is called Christ”
  43. “The Son of God”
  44. “A Friend of Publicans and Sinners”
  45. “Christ our Passover”
  46. “Our Peace”
  47. “The Son of His Love”
  48. “The King Eternal”
  49. “Merciful and Faithful High Priest”
  50. “Our Forerunner”
  51. “Author of Eternal Salvation”
  52. “Author and Finisher of our Faith”
  53. “The Great Shepherd of the Sheep”
  54. “The Lord that Bought Us”
  55. “An Advocate”
  56. “The Holy One”
  57. “The Word of God”
  58. “The First Begotten of the Dead”
  59. “The Seed of the Woman”
  60. “Shiloh”
  61. “A Root out of Dry Ground”
  62. “Jesus Christ the Son of David”
  63. “The Bride­groom”
  64. “The Stone Which the Builders Rejected”
  65. “The Head of the Corner”
  66. “Son of the Highest”
  67. “The Only Begotten of the Father”
  68. “The Word”
  69. “A Man Approved of God”
  70. “The I AM”
  71. “The Resurrection”
  72. “The Way”
  73. “The Truth”
  74. “The Life”
  75. “He That Cometh from Heaven”
  76. “Abraham’s Seed”
  77. “Melchisedec”……

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