Writer who has really touched me is…..

I used to be a Mills & Boon reader but as i developed in my walk with the Lord, my reading habits changed – drastically.


The Bible became my reading book and studying book.  Full of high-lighted passages, notes on the side and my own little index at the back of my bible.  I was “attacked” the other day because of what version Bible I have.  Goodness me!!!  I have the Good News Bible that was given to me as a wedding present, its straight forward and easy to understand.  I was told that its full of “replacement theology” and i should get rid of it.  Well you could of stabbed a knife through my heart when I was told that.  How dare they!!!  People will use and say anything to upset a Christian….


Another writer whom I have taken a very strong liking too is Karen Kingsbury. She writes Christian Fiction and is good.   I always cry when i read her books and its as if she is talking about me and my family.  I have read all her books and have purchased them all for our library at Church.  There are so many who also feel the same way about her writing.


Beverley Lewis is another favourite.  And so too Wanda Brunstutter.  I love reading about the Amish and their lifestyle.  So simple and uncomplicated.  Sometimes wish our lives could be like that.   Uncomplicated.


And the latest one that has really got my attention is Terri Blackstock.  A must read is the Restoration Series.  It consists of four books and is a must, especially with what is going on in the world today.  Bought all four books and have had so many folks in our Church come to me and say, “Diane we were going to throw away the gas stove or some old lanterns, etc but after reading the Restoration Series, we keeping them.  Just in case we are left with no electricity etc, then we are prepared.”  Everyone should read this series – you wont be disappointed.

I hope that all have a wonderful Sunday and a good week further.  God bless and let me know what authors you read and what impact their writting has made.


Blessings from your sister in Christ



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