What is your most favourite book and what does it look like?

by Diane D Louw (Foxcroft)

My son came home and asked me this question.  First thought that came into my head was, oh no, another task he has to do for school.  But i was wrong.  He was curious.  I immediately said what my favourite book was and he said “that’s obvious Mom, don’t you have another?”.

Well my favourite book is my Bible.  It was given to my husband and myself as a wedding present by the Late John Lennox.  Its one book with so many books in it.  I mean, there is spies, romance, murder, thieving, battles – you name it, it’s there.

And of course, i have colour-code my bible.  You know, pink for all the scripture which deals with the rapture; orange for the Holy Spirit and so on.  I have numerous bookmarks as well.  Each bookmark has a story attached to it.

And i have the “c” word in my bible.  Yes, you right.  The “c”….. cellotape… From paging through my bible, the wear-and-tear is showing.  But at least i am using my bible daily, nearly every hour of the day to look things up.  And to use with my conversations with friends on FaceBook and  of course for bible study.

My bible is really used.  Wandering what yours might be like.  Prestine pages with no marks or high-lighted portions….  Maybe its time to start reading that best seller – believe me, you wont be bored for a second.  Who knows, you might enjoy it like i am…  So, go on, start to read it…..


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